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Love Sunday: Family

This weekend is a weekend I have recently started looking forward to each year. It's my new to me family's yearly family reunion. This year marked the 50th anniversary and this was my second year to attend. It's so much fun getting to meet people that are from my husbands side of the family. These people come from near and far to spend this one weekend together and I love the whole family atmosphere. It's held in Thomaston, Georgia at Aaron's cousins beautiful home, who we are lucky enough to be able to visit pretty regularly since its only a 3.5 hour drive for us. The day is spent eating delicious food, talking, taking photos, having a nice drink or two and just spending time together!

In honor of spending time with family, here are 10 things that I love on this Sunday that remind me of family time.

1. I love a good coffee mug. These custom family coffee mugs are the cutest!!!

2. This scratch map of U.S. would be perfect for a family to really enjoy together.

3. Loving these custom family portraits. So thoughtful and soooo precious.

4. Hike anyone? This family size tent is ahhhmazing for the fall weather around the corner.

5. Give us a big ole glass of this holiday punch!

6. A good fun competitive game of Charades.

7. Obsessing over this lazy suzan.

8. Loving these custom cups that are perfect for any family reunion or event!

9. So Aaron and I totally need this because let's face it, we are awesome ;)

10. Okay, as soon as we have some kiddos, we will have these cute outfits.

I love my friends, but there's nothing like my family! So, go purchase a few of these things from my list of loves and spend some good quality time with your family.

-XX Bri


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