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30 Something: Coming Soon...

When I first revamped my blog recently, I started my "30 Something" posts because as a 30 year old, looking at people I went to college with, people around my age, friends even... I would look at their lives filled with everyday jobs, homemade dinners & kids, many many kids. I would always compare my life to theirs. Being the young age of 30, newly married with three dogs, zero kids and a non stop on the go life of making amazing memories, traveling when I can, etc., my life looks nothing like theirs at all and that was something I love about myself. Please don't get me wrong here, I am not saying there is anything wrong with that lifestyle, I am just saying that it wasn't in the cards, nor God's plan for my life. Some people live for that, and some people were even made to do just that! Even before I met Aaron and got married, I was content with ME, by myself and living in the moment. I surrounded myself with other friends in the same boat as I was. We had friendsgivings together, celebrated any and every holiday together and just made the best of our single adult lives. So, I wanted to start this section of my blog because I wanted other people, females especially, to know that your life doesn't have to look like the typical American life in order for it to be an amazing and GREAT life! So this is the heart of where my "30 Something" blog content came into play.

--> insert plot twist <--

Aaron and I have something we've been DYING to share with everyone!! We will be adding an addition to the Evans clan June 2019! We are both over-the-moon at the unexpected but amazing path our little family is taking. We can't wait to meet this little blessing that has flipped our lives around.

I am determined to keep up this 30 Something space here on my blog, it will just have an addition to its contents! I want it to be 100% real. So now, welcome to my new 30 Something adventure into Motherhood! And now, most importantly, onto mine and Aaron's next greatest adventure yet!!

XX Bri


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