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30 Something: Wrinkles

I remember when I was a teenager. I used to get my hair colored by this bald man that wore light blue tinted glasses. His name was David. It never failed that every single time while he would be doing my hair, he would press his fingers to my forehead and say, "Relax your're going to have wrinkles when you're older!" I would laugh it off and continue to make my 'thinking' face as I liked to call it.

Now here I am, with over a decade and a few more years added on and there are the wrinkles he was referring to, deep and vivid, and something I soooo very much despise!

You see, thanks to good even lighting, you can't see them in the above photo. But let me promise you that they are indeed there! If you look closely you can kind of see them. So what to do to conceal them and prevent them!?! It's called BOTOX.

I previously tried out Botox while my husband was deployed and loved it. According to a friend, it was terribly done but I still loved that it got rid of the main wrinkle that I constantly notice in every single photo of myself. Anyway, I'd love to continue to get it done. The hubs actually offered to schedule me an appointment for my Birthday, however I quickly asked if I could trade the offer in for a new Tattoo on my arm. He agreed and now here I am with a beautiful new tattoo and the wrinkles are still getting deeper and deeper as the days go by.

What are your thoughts on Botox? Have you ever had it? Do you have any other home remedies that you personally love to wipe away aging wrinkles? I would love to hear about them all, so drop them in the comments.

-XX Bri


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