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Baby: Babylist Welcome Box

So I recently came across the coolest app ever!! When it comes to registering for something you know nothing about (aka, a baby...) things can get seriously overwhelming very quickly. When I discovered the BABYLIST app, I really had no idea the treasure I had found for a new mom-to-be like myself!

BABYLIST is an app that you can register directly from, and/or combine your registries from other companies so that everything is in one simple, easy to use space! I had originally registered through Amazon & Target, but once I discovered BABYLIST I had the option to combine those registries into one single place and I'm so glad I did so.

Once I completed registering for all of the items on their checklist they sent me an amazing and Oh SO Cute welcome box filled with sample products, full size products and discount codes for some big ticket items! I cannot wait to have our little one here to try out all of these goodies on.

If you are a mom-to-be or are hoping that is on your radar soon, definitely checkout BABYLIST. Its very user friendly, packed full of amazing products for baby and also very informative!

Thanks so much for stopping by,

-XX Bri


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