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Baby: First Road Trip

Braxon Reese was a totally GEM on our travels to Florida!

It’s hopefully the first of many trips for our little buddy to what we love to call Meme’s Beach! This place comes with my entire lifetime of memories and I cannot imagine my baby boy not having the same memories that I grew up with in this very special place. When I’m here it’s so hard to grasp that our precious Meme is no longer physically here with us. It’s impossible to come to her little slice of paradise and not constantly think about her precious soul and all the amazing things she did during her life. I want so bad to be able to continue to come here and tell Brax story after story about his amazing Meme!

One of the main things Aaron and I seriously discussed before Braxon was born was how we wanted our life to stay the same. Obviously there are things in life that a baby just changes and there is no way to avoid that. But what we meant by that is we wanted to continue to love our fun life together. We are constantly on the go and love life that way. We love making memories outside of our home and we wanted to continue to do that when Braxon arrived. I’m so happy to say that thus far, we’ve done just that, just with a precious baby in tow.

Our drive to the beach was our first long road trip to test the waters completely solo! We made three stops to feed Brax, change his diapie and to let his little legs stretch. He only started to get a little fussy towards the very end. He did soooo great!

While we've been here, we’ve yet to step our big toes on the beach And that’s okay. We plan to do that when we come back later in the year.

Life with this little nugget is so SO fun! We are finally finding out new normal and its something that is far better than I ever imagined life could be. I adore this thing called Mom Life and hope you’re enjoying a little glimpse into our new life!

Have you ever traveled with a new little one?!? What are some of your tips and tricks?!?

Thanks for stopping by!

-XX Bri


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