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Baby: Nursery Tour

I have been envisioning this room since the day I found out I was expecting. I have always had an obsession with interiors. I love taking small spaces and making the most of them. This process of creating my little mans room was so fun. I've had help from sooo many people and I'm so thankful for all of the help pulling off exactly what I had pictured in my head.

So here are a few images of Braxon's little space in our house. I'm obsessed and soooo in love! Hope you enjoy this little glimpse... <3 

I cannot wait to read every single book to our little guy. He has such an awesome book collection to start with and I'm super thrilled to read them to him on the outside of the womb!!

Tomorrow I will be 39 Weeks exactly. So now its just a waiting game to his arrival

We cannot wait to meet you Braxon Reese Evans!!!

-XX, Bri


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