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Baby: Smart Beat Video Baby Monitor

This post was written in collaboration with Smart Beat, however, all opinions are my own.

Being a new mom means learning to put fears aside, replace them with positive thought, and pray that God gives you a peace to know that your little angle will be just fine. I had no idea prior to having a child the fears that can so easily encompass your every single thought and lets be real, our mind can go places sometimes that it shouldn't go. A lot of times, we let fear completely squash out rationality and its a bad place to let yourself go. I knew this but I had no idea of the level it could easily sky rocket to as a new mom.

The first few weeks of Braxon's life I remember touching his hand while he was sleeping just to see him flinch so I could be sure that he was still alive! About 4 to 5 weeks in, I started putting Brax in his own crib for nap time. As you can imagine, that was nerve wracking for me. My a room...all alone! Well, here we are ten weeks later and the little guy loves sleeping in his own room and I have found the one thing that gives me the peace of mind I need to know that hes sleeping perfectly on his own.

Smart Beat is a video baby monitor with breath detection. Nate Ruben, the founder of Smart Beat created this brilliant video monitor with moms just like me in mind. The smart Beat is different from any other video monitor that I've found to date! It tracks movement by checking the color of its 2 million pixels twenty times every single second. This allows it to see every single inhale and exhale, squirm or twitch. It then analyzes the color changes to determine the baby's actual breathing rate. Its truly brilliant and has relieved all of my "new mom fears". I can view my sweet fella sleeping right from my iPhone and a bonus is being able to peak in on him snoozing even if I'm at work and just need a little glimpse of my boy in real time!

A few other amazing perks to using a Smart Beat is that it sends notifications to your phone (if you allow the app to do so) when your baby falls asleep or if the monitor senses a lot of movement. It has the feature to save an image of your baby sleeping directly from the monitor to your camera roll. You can chat with your baby through the two way audio installed in the monitor. The camera has the most perfect and clear picture I have ever seen with a baby monitor because of the HD video. You have the ability to move the camera and span all over the room. I have been blown away with the quality of this product and would recommend it to everyone. The first video monitor we had, we were extremely disappointed with because it was a top of the line monitor that was far from inexpensive and it just never worked like it was supposed to. Smart Beat finally put all of our frustration and fears behind! My husband and I both absolutely LOVE this monitor.

You can purchase your Smart Beat Monitor right HERE and gain the peace of mind that I now have! I hope this review helps answer any questions that you have about the Smart Beat and I sure hope that when you purchase it, it gives you the peace of mind that it sure has given me!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

XX --Bri


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