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Braxon Reese Evans

Our precious baby boy is finally here. It has taken me a few weeks to get back into a new semi-normal routine and I think Aaron and I are totally LOVING this time together as a family.

Braxon arrived on Thursday, June 6th at 4:48PM after a very very long night and day of laboring. He ended up having to be an emergency c-section baby but we are so thankful that he is finally here healthy & so so beautiful. I know we are partial, but he is soooo perfect and we are so in love. He weighed 7lbs even and was 20 inches long.

He's already growing like a weed and is already weighing over his original birth weight. I love this new MOM life and I cannot image being anywhere else at this time in my life. Aaron and I are so thankful to have each other to experience this new life of parenthood together. Aaron has been my rock through this transition and I know he will continue to be at every stage of this new life!

Now time can slow down so this Momma's heart can handle it.

XX - Bri


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