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Family: An Amazing Day

Today is a day that we have been dreading for months. It was a day that you spend months mentally and physically preparing for. Yet, somehow when it gets here, you still aren't ready or prepared enough.


Thankfully, some things changed and our family now gets some unexpected time we didn't think we would have. We now get to spend the next couple of holidays together that we thought would be spent apart. I've been emotional all day thinking about how according to everything that has been lined up for MONTHS that I should be tucking our baby boy in bed tonight solo. I should have been going to bed with just my dog-o's tonight and wondering when the next time would be that I would get to talk to my husband. Tonight Aaron should be on his way to months without us. He should be on his way to a lonely two weeks of quarantining, which is a brand new step of the deployment process that just keeps our service members away from family longer than they already are. And the list of should haves could go on and on.

But by some miracle of God none of that happened today. Instead we have spent the day {{TOGETHER}}. We've watched the cutest boy play so hard all day, {{TOGETHER}}. We listened to an amazing message at church {{TOGETHER}}. We've meal prepped for the entire week {{TOGETHER}}. We've made plans of what we will now do {{TOGETHER}} to reach the goals we had already set during this time. {{TOGETHER TOGETHER TOGETHER}}.

I'm so thankful for this unexpected time that we've been given. We don't know when the next deployment will be now and right now I don't even want to give that a second thought. Right now I want to soak up all the time I can get with the guys that mean the most to me!! What are you wanting to soak up in this season of your life?

XX - Bri


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