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Family: Christmas Tradition

Christmas Traditions are something that my family and I hold near and dear to our hearts. This beautiful brick home was the house of a literal angel on earth. My precious Meme, my great aunt was more like a grandmother to me. This house has always reminded me of Christmas time, even in the dead of summer. I have the best holiday memories in this house.

Every year in this house, we would create the cutest handmade ornaments for family members. We would also come up with our own Christmas program, have practice and would even build a set for our play, every single year and always, in this beautiful home.

This was the second Christmas without her here with us and with 2020 here, I know that this will most likely be the last year that her beautiful home is still within the family. I cannot image this house belonging to someone else. But what I can imagine and can only hope for is that when they hold Christmas in this home, that they can feel the magic of Christmas that we felt every year in this home. I hope they feel the love and the beautiful memories that were cultivated here.

Hold onto the people you love and the memories with them because one day it will be the only thing you have left with them.

XX - Bri


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