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Fresh Start: Real Life

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Lets be real, since real is what today's fresh start is focusing on. What you see on social media, is not everyones "real" life. You see snippets of what they want you to see. I'm so thankful for where technology has taken us over the last few years. I love my blog, I love my business, and if it weren't for social media and technology, my life wouldn't be how it is today.

I can think back and remember a time in my life where social media didn't exist. Where the blogging world was nowhere to be found or even heard of. The teens of today don't know or even begin to understand a world without the internet and social media. But let me tell you it was a sweet sweet time. A time that I sometimes I feel like I long for and wonder how my life would be now if the world of technology was still where it was back then. How would my marriage be? How would my friendships be? Would I communicate better and more personally with people in real life?

I'm not wondering this because those areas of my life are bad, but sometimes I do (and we all do) get lost in my phone where I lose track of time, or miss out on little moments that you can't get back. I want to be REAL. I want to be AUTHENTIC. I want to live a truly beautiful life and I don't want to miss out on it because my eyes are glued to my computer or phone. ( I know I know...Ironic saying that, considering I'm typing this on my laptop and if you're reading this, you're either glued to your phone or glued to your computer.)

I am by no means saying, "Hey, lets all refrain from using the internet and social media." Hellooooo, I wouldn't have the career I do without either of those things! What I am saying is, I believe everyone should set aside either a certain time with family, or a certain time for even just yourself where you lock the phones, computers, tablets away and focus on real life moments. Soak up your times with friends. Really be present!

Those moments of time are REAL LIFE. They go fast, so don't miss them!

-XX Bri


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