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Fresh Start: Simple Fun

If I'm being honest with you, I can sometimes have a tendency of being uptight. It's something I don't actually realize until I am in the comfort of my own home and can actually feel my body begin to relax. It's not that I'm the "uptight, no joking around, no fun" type of person. It isn't that at all. I think most people would say I am a pleasant person to be around. Its just that sometimes my perfectionist ways tend to get in the way.

I love living in the moment and I love having fun. But when you are a straight and narrow, to the point type, its hard for you to fully live in the moment sometimes. This is something I am constantly wanting to work on within myself. I have to give myself pep-talks all the times in certain situations where I scream inwardly at myself "LIGHTEN UP BRIANNA!"

So today's fresh start is exactly that. Simply having F U N!! Everyday of your life should be FUN. Now, hear me right, I didnt say every single waking hour of your day should be fun. But there should be parts of each day that are considered fun to you. Like my blog for example, or my husband and I cuddling and playing with our pups after a long day of work. Find something in everyday life that helps you loosen up and just enjoy life more.

I've realized as I get older that life is way to short to live it in a constant ball of nerves or fear of something not being or looking perfect.

Wishing you all an amazing week!

-XX Bri


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