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Love Sunday

Happy Sunday Guys!! I love a good Sunday and to be honest it might just be my most favorite day of the week. It’s hard to say though.

A running thread I used to keep up religiously during my college days was my “love Sunday” posts, where I would give you ten good good things (and links) that I was totally digging that week. A few weeks ago I asked what you guys loved reading if you were a previous reader of my blog and so many people said they loved and looked forward to my weekly Sunday posts. Soooo, here we go...bringing it back.


1. I love dainty jewelry you guys. I’ve been wanting to add an additional band to my wedding set, and these birthstone rings are exactly what I’ve been looking for!

2. I have recently wanted to sale every single item in my closet. I am not exaggerating when I say some of the items hanging in my closet are more than 12 years old. Like, old, old guys!! I am very much into the idea of have a Capsule Wardrobe. This week at work, I had on my all time favorite high wasted black jeans and the top button literally popped off of them. No....not because they don't fit, but because they are so old. So when this happened I really had the realization that my clothes are really old and I need to do something about it. So, I'm really considering have a closet sale where I sale everything for no more than $5 per item. Like a for real, in person sale!! So if you want to come shop my closet, please message me through my blog, or on instagram and we can set up a time for you to come shop. {{ I am being 100% serious!! }}

3. I decorated my house for Christmas last weekend. I couldn't wait any longer. Along with all of the decor, I've been loving the Winter Woods Candle from the Matt Mathews Boutique.

4. The Grinch. I love the Grinch. We have already watched both the cartoon & the Jim Carey version more than once and it isn't ever December yet.

5. The book Nine Perfect Strangers. My friends and I have a little book club and pre-covid we would meet once a month to have our "meetings & book discussions" over delish brunch at different restaurants around Birmingham.

6. This cute little 12x12 painting by Liz Lane named Brianna!!! Ahhh I love it so much. Let me just tell you...Liz had posted these cute little painting on instagram. I saw this one and clicked on it without any idea of its title. I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw that its named 'Brianna'.

7. This beautiful Green Sofa!! I have been totally digging the color green lately on furniture. If you know me well, you know I'm not a colors person. I love a muted colors along with greys, blacks and whites. It must be the holiday season approaching that has me into greens? Who knows?!

8. These Sarto Boots from Nordstrom that are on sale for their Black Friday event!

9. The cutest "Stay Golden" Rag that you can see on the Trendy Boy Brax Instagram <3 OBSESSES!!!

10. Last but certainly not least, I am so excited that this week is Thanksgiving!! I cannot wait to stuff my face with my grandmother's amazing food and spending an extra day off of work with my family.


Thanks for reading,

XX- Bri

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