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Love Sunday: Instagram Accounts

This week has been one for the books, so its super nice to be here with you to share a few things I am loving at the moment. Today I figured I would stick to one solid thing and right now I've been really trying to focus on my Instagram Content which is not an easy feat for someone like me who is constantly going from sunup to sundown. So, Here are a few Instagram Accounts I am totally in love with right now. They keep the content fresh and are consistently there when I need some gorgeousness in my life, day in and day out.

1. has the most motivational post. One of their models, mindymhatch is a momma of TWO. So seeing her living a fit and healthy lifestyle is so motivational. Simply because if a momma of two looks like she does, then I really have zero excuses for not having my bootay in the gym on a regular basis. So there. ya got two for one in this one ;) They also have amazing fitness wear that I am totally obsessed with. Use this LINK to shop and us code: itsybitsyBrianna15 to score a sweet discount.

2. ledgewoodfinestationery is one that immediately pops into my head. Not just because the owner is my best friend in the whole world, but simply because every single time I login to Instagram, I immediately see a new post from Frances and every single piece of content is stunning!! Definitely go follow her!

3. adventuresinabbyland is an account that I just recently heard about from my aunt. She said the Abigail's life reminded her so much of me. So, naturally I had to start following her, and she's totally right! Definitely stop by her account and checkout her blog to read her amazing story.

4. thezoereport because lets face it, this girl is obsessed with Rachel Zoe and cannot get enough fashion in her life. Rachel Zoe is seriously my spirit animal! She inspires me in so sooo many ways.

5. wildhoneyflowertruck is a new business that actually has its grand opening here in the ham this weekend! I totally plan on stopping by to see them because I have recently become obsessed with their account and just their beautiful business as a whole! If you're in the Birmingham area, their launch is this Saturday, Nov 10th at Cahaba Brewing Co.

6. catherinepowell is an amazing photographer and I am constantly just googly eyed over her images.

7. anjuli_mack is one girl that can brighten anyone's day! She a fitness competitor from Australia who is always posting the most motivational and self worth posts. She has a killer smile and a body that you can tell she dedicates so much time and effort to!

8. riadtile...umm yes please. The interiors they share literally make my mouth hit the floor. Their account is what my home dreams are made of.

9. thestumbleweeds is an account that I immediately had a quick connection to as I went to high school with one of the talents behind this account. This account is from two gorgeous ladies traveling around the world taking stunning images from their travels. The places that have seen are truly breathtaking and their account quickly made it to the top of my favorites list!! If you love traveling and appreciate beautiful photography, definitely give them a follow.

10. itsmesesame because you all know I can't make it through this post with adding one cute animal to the mix. Sesame has sadly and recently passed, however they still keep the instagam account growing with a the cute little sibling names Starfish!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my Love List for this week. I appreciate you more than you know. Tell me in the comments what your favorite accounts are because I would love to check them out!!

-XX Bri


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