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Mom Guilt Struggle Bus

Three weeks ago Aaron and I started hosting a small group at our house. It was kind of a spur the moment thing that we just kind of jumped into together without really even talking about it. We've had so much change in our own personal life and feel so free after recently becoming debt free. So, we wanted to share that financial freedom with other people. So far the small group has been so wonderful. The lessons are going great and I really feel like the people in our class are gaining a lot of wisdom on how God's word teaches us how to steward our money.

The part that has been hard for me is once guessed it!! Mom Guilt. I feel so guilty every single Sunday when Brax has to go over to his Tae & Pop's house. It's just another day of the week that he is in someone else's care and I just feel so bad about it sometimes.

Then I get pictures like the ones below and all of my guilt melts away. (scroll through them. They are CUTE!!)

It makes absolutely no sense for me to feel guilty. I should look forward to him going every week because its making a positive impact on his life. He is clearly having the best time!! Why would I keep him from memories like these just to comfort my own insecurities? Braxon Reese is loved by so many people and I am so thankful for the giant tribe that truly makes a huge impact in his life.

I hope Brax always looks back and remembers all of the fun he had with his Dad and I over his childhood. But just as much as he hopefully enjoys his times with us, I hope he will remember and enjoy his time with his aunts and uncles, great aunts and great uncles, grandparents and great grandparents, etc. I sure know that when I think back to my childhood all of my greatest memories are filled with all of the extensive people I just listed. Take my Meme for example. My Meme was technically my Great Aunt. But goodness, she was SO much more to me than that. She was at the core of so many of my greatest childhood memories and now that she is no longer with us, those memories just mean that much more to me. Brax also stays with my Nanny & PawPaw (his great grandparents) at least once a week usually and I love it. Because, again....anytime as a child that I was with my Nanny and Pawpaw, you could bet your bottom dollar that memories were being made and I know it's the same with Brax. Its evident as my PawPaw is Brax's favorite person in the world...besides me of course ; )

If you're a mom like me and you're constantly on the Mom Guilt Struggle Bus there's really no reason to feel guilty and there's certainly no reason to make your life more difficult. If there are people that you trust that want to love on your child and make wonderful memories with them, LET THEM!! It will do nothing but make your child more happy, more vibrant and more outgoing!

Happy Sunday Loves,

-XX Bri

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