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Review: BH Cosmetics

I recently was able to try out this HUGE Studio Pro Ultimate Neutrals Palette from BH Cosmetics. You guys, it has FORTY TWO stunning shades in it. There are both Matte and Shimmer shadows within the palette. I couldn't believe how beautiful the shadows blended and how pigmented each one was. This is a palette I will definitely be using weekly, if not daily!! The warm tones in this palette really make my blue eyes pop and they are perfect for this fall season.

One thing I haven't mentioned yet is the Price! Sure, you'd think a palette that looks like this, that blends like these shadows do, and has this many shadows in one palette would cost anywhere from $50ish to even $100 by some cosmetic companies. You guys, I can't even believe the price of all of the BH Cosmetics line. This Palette was a whole $24 and I caught it on SALE (and its still on SALE!) at a whoppin' 25% off, making it $18. Cannot get over that price!! Trust me when I say, this products quality does not match its price!! Its sooooo good! I wouldn't tell you about it, if I didn't LOVE it.

So, click the links and grab a few items from this amazing company that is doing all of us Beauty Junkies a solid favor by making amazing products and keeping their prices extremely LOW! I know I will definitely be adding other products from their line ( Like this Desert Oasis palette, and this Lip Kit) to my collection. After all, it is feeling like an "ADD TO CART" Kind of day, right?!

Thanks for reading,

-XX Bri


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