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Style: Camo, in honor of Veterans Day!

As a military wife, I personally know, understand and experience all of the sacrifices that our military men and women, along with their families make day in and day out for our Country. Just in the first year of our marriage alone due to deployments we've missed, a Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years together, our one year wedding anniversary, the death and burial of two very important people in our lives, as well as the death of one of our own pets. The holidays and anniversaries come again each year, but the death of people you only have once in this lifetime are the times that are the hardest. Having to experience that without your spouse is rough and something we both hope to never have to experience again during the remainder of our time as a military family. Think about that...all of that was in the first year alone. Imagine all of the sacrifices families have made who have been a military family for 10 or heck even 20 years. It's crazy to think about. But I can tell you this, I would not trade this life that the military has blessed me with. Due to the Air Force, I met my amazing husband! I've met amazing friends (Kahlie) that helped me understand and navigate this still new to me military wife life and a friend that will forever be part of my life! I not only am thankful for what the military life has brought me, I am also thankful for where it could take us in the future!!

With all of that being said, here's my camo tribute to Veterans Day!

Outfit Details:

1) Grab a pop of color. This is a bodysuit I recently snagged from TJMAXX for $6. Adding a pop of color just adds a little personality. Here's one!

2) Grab your comfiest pair of denim jeans. My favorite pair currently!

3) Put on your favorite brown booties. Here are Mine :) (You'll want to see the price!)

4) Add the Camo Jacket and thats a wrap!!!

Thank you to all the men and women who have served and still currently serve our amazing Country. There are still people that appreciate what you do. Each and everyone of you, I am thankful for what you do!!

-XX Bri


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