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Style: Fall Door Decor

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

There is something about owning your own home that kicks your butt into gear with wanting it to showcase your own personality and style. If I could spend every paycheck on home decor alone, you best believe I would. But lets be real, that's not an option at this point in my life, so for now, I decorate as my budget allows me.

With each passing season comes a fresh new season which then follows fresh decor, at least in the Evan's Home. I love for my home to feel welcoming all while encompassing the current season! For this Fall Season, I wanted to have a nice entry way to our home. I wanted it to capture fall in a simple way and really show my own personal style as well.

I created a beautiful floral arrangement for our door hanger. Here are a few images I snagged to document the process.

All of these stems were purchased from Hobby Lobby and are currently discounted 40%!

I stuffed the bottom of the tin with wrapping paper so that the flower stems wouldn't fall all the way down to the bottom. This also helps with holding them in the exact place that I put them. The tin basket has the perfect loop on it for making this an easy Door Hanger. I simply used a Command Hook to hang my arrangement and any other door hanger or wreath that I decide to put up each season.

Here's the final entry way look, for now anyway. I'm sure I will be adding things here and there as I come across them.

I love the direction its going in so far! What kind of things are you doing with your entry way? I'd love to see and hear about them!!


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