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Style: Transitioning to Fall

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Fall is seriously the best time of year. However, in Alabama, we totally get the shaft. Our Fall Season never lasts long enough. We almost go from just crazy hot temps to frigid cold. Obviously my definition of frigid is much different than most people, but I do not do cold weather.

Finding styles that work in the Alabama Weather is what I love most about fashion. Right now, its still getting into the 90's. Hello, someone let Mother Nature know that its October!! We need our FALL! When it does finally start to cool down, we have chilly mornings which quickly warm right on back up to summer time feels. So layer is my jam during this time of year. You need the option to slowly peel off the layers as the temps rise through the day.


-Pair some super perfect Lucky Brand Washed Denim Jeans

{ Lucky Brand fits my body shape so incredibly well and I am now obsessed }

-Add in a beautifully colored deep green top. Here's a similar one!

{ This one is a bodysuit I snagged from TJMAXX. Hello, SIX DOLLAR Steal! Yes, please. }

-To keep warm, Add on a gorgeous cream knit sweater.

{ This sweater is the perfect fall/winter white! }

-Throw on some cute little nude colored booties. Here's some cute ones!

{ These opened toe booties I bought at a consignment shop years ago! Lucky find, right? }

What are your favorite Fall Styles?!? Share with me in the comments! I LOVE reading everyones comments and love interacting with you.

Also, I'd like to add that I am pretty dang proud of my plant which has grown to almost my height! It started out as a tiny little twig!

Thanks for reading!Here's to a style filled and fashionable weekend to you all!

-XX Bri


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