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30 Something: Staying Fit

Lets be honest, it feels like once you hit the big 30 your body starts deciding to completely shutdown. Sometimes, you just don't feel like going to the gym. I think for everyone, our reasons can all be very similar. -I'd rather sleep in a little extra. -After work I'm too tired. -I'm just not feeling motivated. -I have kids to take care of. And these lists of excuses rings on and on. I get it. TOTALLY! However, staying active is highly important for your mind, body & soul. I know from experience, waking up early and hitting the gym first thing miraculously gives you energy that lasts literally all day. And even when I have experienced that myself, I am still able to find excuses to keep me from doing what I know I should be. Here are a few tips to help you stay focused on maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

1. Give yourself some slack.

In reality, its a lot easier said than done. You aren't always going to make the best gym decisions or nutrition decisions. This main point is HUGE! It's called giving yourself GRACE, or cutting yourself some slack. Just because you screw up one meal, doesn't mean your next one has to be a fail too. Accept the mistake and make sure to make a better decision the next time. We are human. Remember this and know that it is A_OKAY.

2. Find what works for Y O U !

There are millions of workout programs specific for certain results. There are also millions of eating plans specific for certain goals as well. Try a few combinations of these and see which one starts bringing the results. Remember, this takes time. This is absolutely not an overnight fix. Once you find that thing that works for your schedule and your body, it makes it that much easier to truly dedicate your time and energy knowing that with time comes results.

3. You must be patient.

Fitness goals take time, dedication, and consistency. Show up and be consistent and always remember that big changes take time and evolution.

4. and a HUGE ticket for seeing results is NUTRITION.

You must find what nutrition plan works for your body and you have to stick to it. What you put into your body is key on seeing top results!

5. Stay Positive!

The best thing you can do for yourself is always stay positive. I know its so easy to get down on yourself. Believe me, I'm the worlds worst about doing this ( I'm sure my husband can vouch for me on that one). But remember your mind is the most powerful machine we have. What you put in your mind you become. Those negative thoughts, the self hate, all comes out on the surface. Feed yourself positivity, love, kindness, joy, etc and I promise you will begin to find a love for yourself that you've never experienced before.

Wishing you all the best on your fitness goals and journey. I hope these few tips can push you in the right direction!

-XX Bri


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